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Apply smartly for ibps clerk 6 2016 last date 12-09-2016

Every one nowadays are very smart. If you want to be the part of success in ibps read this article completely. Myself completing the graduation in 2015 got the ibps 5 clerical post by applying in Karnataka. Very less cut-off  all over India. You should dare first to apply for Karnataka and learn some basic kannada after clearing the mains exam, you will be having enough time to learn local language after the mains exam result.

1.What is you have already applied for other state ibps VI clerk ?


Nothing will be a problem if you have already registered for another state
Apply again with fresh application with new Email and phone number. Change the name slightly.

If the name is MENDI ASHOK change it to ASHOK MENDI. And at the time of document verification, you need to show the affidavit and that is very easy to obtain from the notary center. the last date to register online for IBPS clerk VI is 12-09-2016.

2.How to learn Kannada local language a bit?


There is no need of studying 10th class to have kannada as a mandatory subject.
You can learn the language very easily there will be many coaching centers to make you learn kannada and for telugu knowing people can learn to read in 10 days.

3.Which state will be having lowest cut off for ibps clerk 2016?


Obviously karnataka.

4. Special about nandyal coaching center!


You will have to take the basic bank coaching here and there will be every day exams and that gives you better command over the exam. There will be kannada training classes you need to enroll for that and attend the classes to learn very quickly the kannada language. There are lakhs of people who are taking coaching in nandyal at present in kannada language.So go for the change in your life.

All the very best

Thank you
With regards
The clerk ( Canara bank)

All Shifts SBI CLERK Prelims Questions Review May 22,23,28,29

Day 1 of sbi clerk prelims analysis from whatsapp group members " Knowledge Fusion "

We have collected some of our group members reviews, their total attempts and the section wise attempts.We have also collected the exact questions asked in the sbi clerk prelims exam.All the further shifts reviews would also be posted here.

The section wise questions that were asked in sbi clerk prelims


RC's given in the sbi clerk exam (Story based)
wrongly spelt words
para jumble
error spotting
cloze test


5 series based and the logic of those series problems asked in sbi clerk follows here


Reason : 4*1-1,3*2-2,5*3-1,14*4-1,55*5-1=274

2)2160 , ? , 72 , 18 , 6 , 3


Reason : start from right side 

3)16 , 13.9 ,18.1 ,11.8 , ?

Reason: alternatively add and subtract 2,1 



5)24, ? , 44,80,144,244


1 problem CI/SI
1 problem based on profit/loss
3/4 problems on numeric
1 problem on work/man
1 problem on partnership
2 problems  on ratio
1 problem on speed and time


Circular seating
Puzzle : 7 friends || week days || Colour
No syllogisms will be given in mains only
who was taller among them based problem
alphabetic series
coding decoding

-===========-English Easy-===========-

22-25 easilly can be marked in 15 minutes

-===========-Reasoning Easy-===========-
22-25 in 25 minutes

-===========-Aptitude Easy-===========-
14-18 in 20 minutes

As the paper was easy over all (55 - 60) + is more than enough to clear sbi clerk prelims.

Part 4 Aptitude Shortcuts given by (ibps whatsapp group members)

Part 4 

Covered all the aptitude questions of whatsapp group from

15-04-2016; 10:00 PM 
26-04-201612:15 AM 

The busiest whatsapp group for IBPS/SSC CGL preparation.Here we go with the aptitude stuff that was covered in whatsapp (for ibps po / ssc cgl ) with all the shortcuts required to solve difficult model aptitude questions.I will try to upload all the questions discussed.

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1) A cloth merchant said that due to to slump in the market he sells the cloth at 10% loss but he uses a false meter scale and actually gains 15%. Find the actual length of the scale? (Unknown Gal)

By Vikas Awasthi

100% of cloth ----90
? % of cloth -----115




2)A person took a loan of Rs. 6000 for 3 years, at 5% per annum compound interest. He repaid Rs. 2100 in each of the first 2 years. The amount he should pay at the end of 3rd year to clear all his debts is






3)A person deposit a sum Rs.12000 in a Bank @ roi 8% pr Annum, interest would be compounded. How long it will take to get interest same as the sum invested....?

Shortcut :


If amount dbl by CI 



This is called rule no 72 in CAT

wat is rule 72??

It means if Amount double by CI 

RT=72 should be true

4) One man and six women working together can do a job in 10 days. The same job is done by two men in ‘p’ days and by eight women in p+5 days. By what percentage is the efficiency of a man

greater than that of a woman?


m:20; w:120

 % =>100/20 x 100=500%


5)A man travels 35KM partly at 4kmph and partly at 5kmph. If he covers the former distance @ 5khe time taken to cover the whole distance at the original rate is (in hours)?


4kmph*5h+ 5kmph*3h= 35

5kmph*5h+ 4kmph*3h= 37


6)With given rate of Simple Int, the ratio of principle and amount for certain period of time is 4:5 . After 3 years , with the same rate of interest the ratio of the principle and amount becomes 5:7. The rate of interest per annum is ?


4 :5  25% increase

5:7 40% increase.

15% in 3 years

5% in 1 year.


7) A man walks frm his house to ralway statn. If he walks at 5kmph, he mises a train by 7min. If he walks at 6kmph, he reachs statn 5min befr. Fnd dstnc cvrd by him to reach statn.


 here speed ratio = 5:6

time ratio= 6:5 
->>> 1 gap(6-5) time difference is 12min
so for 1 gap
-->> time = 12min
for 6 


we can say for 5
-->> 5*12=60

distance = 72*5/60


--->> 60*6/60 =6km


alternatively let time = t min so 5(t+7)=6(t-5) t= 65min

distance= 5(65+7)/60 = 6km


5*6/1 * 12/60 = 6km


8)Speed of A and B are in ratio 3:4. A takes 20 min more than B to reach distance . In what time A reach?

Solution :

4-3=1 part

1 part 20 

4 part 80


speed ratio = 3:4 time ratio = 4:3
original time =4*20=80min

Or Sol-2 
alternatively let b take t min 3/4 = t/(t+20) t=60 min

a will take 80min

9)A is twic as fast as B and B is thric as C. The journey cvrd by C in 42min wil b cvrd by A in?

Shortcut :

a=2b b=3c ->> a=6c 

a and c speed ratio = 6:1 sp their time ratio = 1:6 1/6 = t/42 

t= 7min

10)A car covers a distance of 715 km at constant speed. if speed was 10kmph more, than it would havw taken 2hr less to cover. find original speed?

Solution :

 let speed= xkmph 
715/x - 715/(x+10) = 2 

x = 55kmph


11)A takes 2 hour more than B to walk d km.if A doubles his speed, he can make it in 1 hour less than B.how much tym duz b take for walking d km?

Solution : 

let A take t+2 hours then B take t hrs speed A=s 
A double speed sA=2s 

now distance = s(t+2)= 2s(t-1) t= 2hrs


12) Two trains start from station A and B and travel towards each other at 50 kmph and 60 kmph. At time of their meeting, the 2nd train travelled 120 km more than 1st. Distnce between A and B is?

Solution : 

let they meet after t time so d/50 = (d+120)/60 


total distance = d+ d+120 = 1320


13)By hw mch % must a motrist increase his spd in ordr to reduc the tim by 20% to cvr certan dstnc?

Shortcut :

let he has to travel a distance of 100km 100--> 80 80--> 100 

%increase in speed = 20*100/80 = 25% 



So incrs should be=1/(5-1)=1/4=25%

14)A fast tran taks 3hr les than slow tran fr a journey f 600km. If spd f slw tran is 10kmph les than fast tran. Fnd their spds

Solution : 
let the speed of fast train is x kmph and slow train = x-10 kmph 600/(x-10) - 600/x = 3 
x= 50kmph 

so their speeds are 50kmph and 40 kmph


15)Two taps can fill a tank in 20 min and 30 min
respectively.There is an outlet tap at exactly half level of that rectangular tank which can pump out 50 litres of water per minute.If the outlet is open , then it takes 24 minutes to fill an empty tank. What is the volume of the tank?

Shortcuts :

20       3
30       2

30/5 = 6 
Half tank fill in 6 minutes 
So hole is active for 18 minutes 

18*50 = 900 full tank


6 min for filling half tank after hole 
18 min with hole.
1/6 - 1/18 = 1/9
9*50 = 450 half

900 full


A + B = 1/20 + 1/30 = 12 min

Half tank = 6 min

To fill other half it takes 24 - 6 = 18 min

1/6 - 1/x = 1/18

x = 9

9*50 = 450 for half tank

900 for full tank


Half tank is full in 6 minutes 

Then for 18 minutes both tap and hole is active 

Tap will fill 1.5 th of tank in 18 

Rest of half + 1 full tank (that is eventually emptied by hole in 18 minutes) 

Tank = 18*50 = 900


16)Two tran strt frm statn A and B and travl twrds ech othr at 50kmph and 60kmph. At tim f their metng, the 2nd tran travld 120km mr than 1st. Distnc btwn A and B is?

Solution :

(50+60) * 120/(60-50)

110* 12=  1320 km


17)A taxi service charges ₹5.50 for the first 1/5th of a mile, ₹1.50 for each additional 1/5th of a mile, and 20 cents perminute of waiting time. Joan took a cab from her place to a flower shop 8 miles away, where she bought a bouquet, then another 3.6 miles to her mother's place. The driver had to wait 9 minutes while she bought the bouquet. What was the fare?

Solution :

For 1st 1/5   5.5
For rest 4/5  1.5*4= 6 

So frst mile costs 
6+5.5 = 11.5

Total distance 11.6 miles 
Frst mile calculated 
Rest is 10.6  
Normal 1 mile costs 
For 10.6 = 79.5 
Total 79.5+11.5= 91 Rs.

Now waiting charge 
20*9 = 180 Cents

91 Rs  + 180 cents


Just add 4 rs extra 

7.5*(8+3.6) + 4 + 1.8 = 92.8


5.5  + (7.8 + 3.6)*1.5 *5  = 91 +180 cents


18) A train overtakes two persons who are walking in the same direction in which the train is going , @ 2 kmph and 4 kmph and passes them completely in 9 and 10 seconds respectively. The length of the train is ?

Solution  : 

2*5/18  = x/9 -  x/10

X= 50

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Updated till 

12:40 AM ; 27-04-2016

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Part 3 Aptitude Shortcuts daily solved questions from whatsapp group

Part 3 (Updated 12-04-2016; 3:30PM)

Aptitude Shortcuts whatsapp group ibps ssc cgl
Apart from quant quiz, only those questions which will be solved in the whatsapp quants group will be posted here.Hope we will reach your expectations regarding the quant stuff.

<<<< >>>>

What will be % profit aftrr selling an article at a certain price if there is a loss of 45% when the article sold at 1/3 of prrvious price??(Srinivas)

Shortcut by Rajat



Shortcut by Divya

Cp = 100
1/3 sp = 55
Sp = 165

=> 65%


2.A profit of 20% is made on goods when a discount of 10% is given on the market price. What profit percent will be made when a discount of 20% is given on the market price?


Shortcut by Rajat

120/90  ×80=320/3=106.67

Shortcut by Divya

120 = 90

?? = 80

Shortcut by Chauhan





3.The profit percentage of A and B are the same on selling the articles at 2400 rs each but A calculates his profit on the selling price while B calculates it on the cost price. This profit is equal to 23% each. What is the difference between their profits?


Shortcut by Divya

Profit = profit% / cp for 1st

Profit = profit% / sp fpr 2nd
2400 ( 23/100 - 23/123)

Shortcut by Rajat
first 2400×23% =552

second 2400/123  ×23=448 aprx


4.solve for X and Y? (Divya)



Solution by (Perfect,vikas,divya,deepak)

110 x+125y=76000
125x +110y=76750



Put in 1


On solving y=300110 x + 125y =76000

125x +110y=76750


Put in 1

On solving y=300

5.Rakesh calculates his profit % on the selling price where as ramesh calculates his on the cost price they find that the differance of their profits is 100. If the selling price of both of them are same and both of them get 25% profit, find their selling price?


Shortcut by Divya

25/100 - 25/125 = 1/20

20*100 = 2000

Shortcut by Vikas Awasthi




Shortcut by Vaibhav

x*25%-x*25/125=100 given


6.An article is sold at a profit of 10%. If Selling Price and purchase price both are less by Rs.25/-, then profit will be 5% more. Find purchase price of an article?

Ans. Solved by divya

(x-25)*1.15 = 1.1x-25

Solve x



Solved by Vikas Awasthi



Solved by  PERFECT

10              0
15            5

3         :     1         (15, 5 ratio)




7.Two partners invested 1250 rs and 850 rs respectively in a business. Both the partners shared 60% of the profit and distributed the rest 40% as the interest on their capittals. If one partner received 30 rs more than the other , the total profit is ?

Solution by Vikas Awasthi

60% main equl= 30&30

In 40% 25:17 so 23.81 & 16.19

So % prft for both= (30+23.81]&(30+16.19)=53.81% & 46.19%



#crct me if i am wrng


Solution by Vaibhav

Let Profit be x

60%x= 3/5x



Solutoin by RR

Vikas solution corrected by Atul
30+30 wrong
Equally nhi krenge jab investment alag he


8.Two partner invested Rs, 1,00,000 and 1,40,000 respectively in a business and agreed that 70% of the profits should be divided equally between them. and the remaining profit in the ration of their investments. If one partner gets Rs. 180 more than the other , then the total profit made in the business ? (Pooja)

Solution by Vaibhav


9.A tradesman sold an article at a loss of 20% . Had he sold it for Rs.  100 more .  he should hv gained 5% .  The cost price of the article was? (Jitender Dagar)

Shortcut by ~V

25% = 100
100%= 400


10.The percentage of profit, when an article is sold for Rs 78 is twice than when it is sold for Rs 69. The cost price of the article is? (Mala Singh)


Shortcut by Krish

Let c.p=x
(78 - x)/x = 2(69 - x)/x

Shortcut by ~V

78-69= 9
69-9= 60


11.In an office of 90 employees, amongst 50% of them each 
employee got number of sweets that are 20% of the total number of employees and the amongst remaining 50% of the employees each employee got number of sweets that are 10% of the total number of employees. How many sweets were distributed among 90 employees? (Mala Singh)


Shortcut by Rajat Sharma



12.How many degrees are there in an angle which equals one-fifth of its supplement? (Vaibhav)

Shortcut by Divya 
x = 1/5(180-x)

Shortcut by ~V



13.A sum of rs. 16400 was taken at the rate of 5% compounded annually to be paid back in two equal annual instalments. Find the two instalments?

Shortcut by Rajat Sharma

now divide 17220 in 105:100 

105 wali value installment hogi

14.Pipe A and B can fill a tank in 10 hours and 8 hours respectively. A pipe C can empty the full tank in 40 hours. All the three pipes were opened for 3 hours after which pipe C was turned off. Find the dofference in the time required now and time required , had pipe C not opened? (Akash Sonkusare)

Solution by Rajat

a 10
b 8 
c 40 
LCM 40 
1 hour work

all three did work in 3 hour=8×3=24 
left 16 
now c left reuired time now=16/9

when only a and b worked 
they did in 3 hour=9×3=27
left work=13
required time now=13/9


15.A person bought some oranges worth rs 36 from each of the five markets at rs 1 , rs 1.5 , rs . 1.8 , rs 2 and rs 2.25 per orange respectively. What is the average price of an orange? (Mathi)

Solution by Rajat Sharma

=114 orange



rate=180/114  × 100=1.57 aprx


16.A cistern has three pipes A B and C .the pipes A and B can fill it in  4 snf 5 hours respectively and C can empty it in 2 hours .if the pipes are opened in an order 1 ,  2, and 3 am , when will the cistern be empty? (Akash Sonkusare)


Solution by Rajat

a 4
c 2
LCM 20 
one hour work
a  5
b  4
c  -10 

now from 1 to 2 am 
a completed 5 unit ...
from 2 to 3 am a and b completed 9 unit 
at 3 am total 5+9=14 unit completed 
now a b and c will work 
then they will empty 1 unit per hour 
so required hour=14/1=14

At 3 am 14 unit full 
onwards 1 uNit emptied 
3 am +14 hour=5 pm


17.If 30%  loss on sp an article makes the trader to suffer a loss of rs 45 then find the sp ? (Rajat Sharma)


Solution by Vikas Awasthi

Let SP=100
30% on Sp=70


142.86-100=42.86% actually loss


If 100 is SP den we hev to find CP

30% of SP is Loss

Then 100% of SP=CP


Solution by Reea

Let SP=100 Loss
30% on Sp=70
142.86-100=42.86% actually loss

Shortcut by Rohit Tiwari

Loss/loss% = saleprice/100-loss

45/30 = sp/70
Sp = 105