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Whatspp group for preparing SSC,Banking exams

Hello Reader,

We are running whatsapp groups for preparing various competitive exams like SSC,Banking and others from past more than a year.
You are welcomed to join our groups by simply dropping a message to the following group admins..

✨ *Knowledge Fusion Group*✨

Our group is something where you learn very important sections of various competitive exams .

πŸ‘‰πŸΏYou have to follow some ground rules for maintaining the decorum and betterment of our prestigious groups

       πŸ’’ *KF RULES*πŸ’’
1) Refrain from *personal chatting* with a single person. If U want to argue with an individual, visit his/her private chat and put forward ur opinions (only study related).

2) *Activeness* is  mandatory for each  participant in all groups.

3) ♨ *regular everyday Quizzes* ♨are going on which are hosted by each participant ; after getting added, new *participant has to host* the quiz for next upcoming month. So, it is ur responsibility to conduct quiz in respective group.
(Date will be given by respective admins once in month ) ♌

*No eve teasing or personal comments or personal chats* is allowed in group. specially with female members...
If we find any complaint against any member, we will remove🚷 that person permanently from all our groups.

πŸ”΄ _*If you are found indulgent in any offensive or blasphemous deeds we may contact to police too*_πŸ”΄

5)➡ *Don't spam with unnecessary* chains ,vulger,offensive texts or imgs and forwarded msgs.
➡ Don't post anything apart from study material.
➡ Refrain from *posting emozy*.

If any cases ,you couldn't follow these above mentioned ethics,we have reserved right to take strict action against you including removal from the group! 🚷🚷

I hope u will support this..🌿

We will work on your suggestions .. U can suggest us via private msg .. πŸ™

Thanks & Regards

*Team Admin*
*Knowledge* *Fusion Group*::🌿

*Please text some details first*


Type "join Name + city name " and send to 

73106***** (GK for ssc)
83858***** (quiz4banking)
80998***** (SSC GROUP)
99591***** (SSC GROUP)
99816***** (Quant GROUP)
94387***** (Reasoning and PDF GROUP)

via whatsapp along with some details of the below mentioned..

*1)* Your name ?
*2)* City/State ?
*3)* Qualifications ?
*4)*Preparing for?
*5)* Have you attempted any exam yet ? ( If Yes, mention the names of exams )

Note:-Only for dedicated and sincere candidates.

Thank You