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Banking exam officer cadre IBPS RRB PO 2017 exam is having a huge craze. Aspiring candidates of karnataka had to know kannada. It is known that some people who do not know kannada also applied for IBPS RRB PO 2017. While facing interview the interview panel will check if the candidate opted YES OR NO for kannada language. If he knows the local language that will be plus point. Atleast manageable kannada is also OK. Nowadays those people who are already working in RRB BANKS had to go for language test. Recently exam on local language was also conducted. That was easy.  In the latest RRB PO interview the following questions were asked for 2017 candidates. 1:3 is the ratio selected for the final interview of IBPS RRB PO 2017. The following questions were asked in the interview in the regions of mysore and bangalore.

1)What is a lead Bank?


3)Why u chose banking instead of your core subject like EC.

4)Family background?

5)If he has worked previously?

6)Why is it became late to secure a job after getting degree?

7)What is your percent in degree. If it is high then there will be a question that so high % then why bank

8)Different types of accounts? RD FD OD OCC

9)Local language kananda will be tested orally

10)What do you call "savings account" in kannada?

11)If you are working anywhere then there will be a question on that for sure

12)Difference between fund transfer neft and rtgs and their limits?

13)What made you to come to banking?

14)How can you connect IT with Banking Industry?

15)How can you sell yourself to be a banker? 

There will be 4 or 5 members in the interview panel.That too only 10 to 15 minutes interview only.So hope for the best be going ahead breaking obstacles. Best of luck.

Thanking you
A Banker

Ibps clerk 6 result declared check official website

Dear reader,

Exactly a year ago April 1 2016 made my day. Ibps clerk 5 result was declared. Surprisingly I was the one who got selected as Canara bank clerk. Now it's your turn this may be your day.Check ibps clerk 6 result with the following link. It requires your ROLL number/ registration number and DOB to view the result.


All the very best. If your number is not there don't get disappointed it's a game of competition.

Solve syllogisms "Some A are Not B" || shortcuts without venn diagrams

Solve Syllogisms in less than 30 seconds. Without using venn-diagrams. Here is the simple trick. You just remember math like formulas and you can solve any syllogism easily. Useful for all competitive exams.

The most important part of reasoning in any compitive exam is syllogisms. Solving syllogisms without venn diagram is a time saving trick. By learning syllogs with this type of trick you can save 5min extra in normal exams LIKE IBPS CLERK, RRB CLERK, SBI CLERK, AND ALL PROBATIONARY OFFICER (PO) EXAMS you will have atleast 5 question. This article is intended to use formulas to solve syllogisms without drawing Venn diagrams.

Solving Syllogisms is a very easy task even in 10 sec we can answer the possible case of syllogisms

That's the power of syllogism's trick of solving without Venn diagrams. To get a bank job OR any competitive exam this is a must-solving section within 2 to 3 minutes to secure 5 marks with 100% accuracy. 

The following pic represents solving possibility syllogisms without Venn diagrams. we will come to it shortly.

syllogisms shortcuts without venn diagrams

There are 14 basic formulas you need to learn in order to solve syllogisms without Venn diagrams. 
The following must be learned.Here we go .

Examples of syllogisms solved without using venn diagram ( solved using formula based).

  • All A are B  = Some A are B = Some B are A
  • All A are B != All B are A
  • All A are B != Some A are not B != Some B are Not A
  • All A are B != No A are B != No B are A 

  • Some A are B  = Some B are A
  • Some A are B != All B are A != All A are B
  • Some A are B != No B are A != No A are B
  • Some A are B != Some B are not A

  • No A are B  = No B are A
  • No A are B != Some B are Not A {Very important syllogisms shortcut}
  • No A are B != Some A are Not B {Very important syllogisms shortcut}
  • No A are B != All A are B 

  • Some A are not B  = No B are A {Very important syllogisms shortcut}
  • Some A are not B != No A are B  {{Very important syllogisms shortcut}

Lets get into the learning method of syllogism shortcut..

Solved Example :-

  • All  A are  B   {Take "All" From this}
  • No  B are C   {Take "No" from this }
Add both we get "All + No"  for this  " All+No = No " 
  • Ans:- No A is C
Here ' No ' means we can derive a conclusion between A and C as "No A is C"
Observe that we have eliminated  B  which is common to both.