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Recently i.e On 11/11/2023 PSU Bank (CANARA BANK) conducted a Promotion test for aspirants of scale 1 to scale 2. Overall 100 general banking questions were asked and 140Min time was given. This is the same as the IBPS pattern exam. These questions cover all the banks that conduct internal promotion tests. Here you will get only 20 to 25 questions that were asked in the exam. This is the moderate-level exam. The reporting time was 1.30 but you can go 15Min late as there will be checking and registering of candidates. IBPS prepares the question paper on behalf of Canara Bank. So the transparency in selecting the candidates through the exam pattern is very good. Many questions are asked based on the policies of the bank. The common policies you need to study will also be mentioned here.

  1. PM KUSUM: For components B & C 30% of Project cost is enumerated in DPR. 
  2. CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility INDO NEPAL maximum ceiling in BC locations per person per day is 25,000.
  3. TAT: What is the Turn Around Time (TAT) to settle the digital transactions.
  4. TWO: Technically Write Off in case of Doubtful assets.
  5. SARFAESI: In how many days does the Authorised Officer have to serve the sale notice along with the cover letter?
  6. FATF: Financial Action Task Force
  7. Income Tax: If a person does not have PAN he is to serve the FORM60 under rule 114B
  8. Priority Sector Lending: Start-Up company which has engaged in Agri allied activity. The maximum loan amount to be considered under Priority Sector Lending is 50 crore.
  9. Risk weight: For housing loans, up to 30 Lakhs is 35%.
  10. Interest Subvention: Agri Infra Finance (AIF) will be getting interest subvention of 3% up to 2 crore.
  11. Gold reappraisal: Reappraisal should be completed for the previous quarter within how many days? (1month 45days 2months 2.5months 3months)
  12. Risk weight: Risk weight is redefined. Business risk _____ percent growth and control risk _____ % growth. (10-90, 15-85 25-75 20-80).
  13. NPA: Settlement of NPA's in the MSME Sector with Book Liability less than 2crore for accounts due Rs. ______lakh, and valuation not older than _____ years. (20-3, 10-1, 25-2, 25-1, 15-6)
  14. Sale of Pool of Loans: Maximum sale to one trader with regard to "sale of pool of loans" is ___ crores. (500 1000 4000 5000 2500)
  15. Soil Note: A portion of a note missing or note is of more than two pieces. This type of note is called a Mutilated note.
  16. TLTRO: Full form is Targeted Long Term Repo Operations. The question asked is what does R stands for in TLTRL?
  17. Term Deposit: If a Term Deposit matures, it is not closed the rate of interest it carries?
  18. Large Branch: Average advances fall between ____ & ___ crore to be classified as large branch?
  19. Cheque Return: The Cheque is dishonored for how many times the bank will stop issuing the cheque and close the account.
  20. Legal Audit: Legal audit fee for mortgage-based loans charges paid to advocate?
  21. UEBT complaint: When does customer entitlement become zero.
  22. Debit Card: Platinum card coverage for air accident is 8 Lakhs.
  23. Debit Card: Debit card can issued to minors above the age of 10 Years
  24. Rating: Internal rating limit is 25 crore
  25. Service charge: As per RBI guidelines services charges can be exempted up to Rs. 25,000.
  26. Death claim: Death claim should be settled within 15 days after receiving all documents.